Vessel was arrested by Indonesia Navy

Vessel was arrested by Indonesia Navy
We would like to share you 2 cases of accident and the history of accidents is followings:
Case 1:
The vessel was sailing from Fremantle to Singapore and then the Vessel was started drifting at position 01°35’.3 N / 105°02’.1 E for adjusting time to pick up the Singapore pilot at Pilot Station.
After the vessel drifted about 11 hours, the vessel was arrested by Navy ship at position 01°-27’.7 N / 105°-01’.2 E and then detained in Batam Port by them.
※Both position are inside of Indonesia territorial waters.
Case 2:
The vessels, anchored near Bintan (on the Southern side of the Singapore Strait), have recently been detained by the Indonesian Navy, Customs and/or Coast Guard on the grounds that the vessels were allegedly anchored without the consent of the Indonesian Authorities.
The area, is a popular place for vessels to “wait for orders” because it is close to shipping lanes and believed to be OPL (Off Port Limits) Singapore. However, these waters are within Indonesian territorial waters where local regulation apply.
Lessons Learned
For preventing reoccurrence similar accident, all fleet vessels should apply following requirement:
1) Marking the waters that is prohibited for anchoring and drifting nearby Singapore straight.
2) When the vessel’s destination is not one port of the coastal country, master of vessel shall keep clear from the territorial seas of coastal country where are within 12NM from nearest land as much as possible.
(For Example)
The vessel sailing from Australia to Laem Chabang, Thailand, vessel shall keep clear territorial seas of coastal countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia
– keep more than 12NM from nearest land of coastal countries.
3) The Masters of vessels shall make the passage plan to avoid drifting in congested traffic areas – international waters at east side of Singapore straight. Master shall contact with Charterer for consulting if drifting and/ or anchoring are unavoidable.
4) Masters are requested not to anchor or carry out any other operation (Ship to Ship or other cargo or crew operation) in/around Indonesian territorial waters without having approval from the relevant Indonesian Authorities.
5) If the vessels need to do above, masters are requested to appoint a local agent to obtain clearance before operation.

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