Privacy Policy

Sunrise Manpower Co., Ltd (SMCL) gives importance to the protection of privacy and security of personal information. All personal information gathered and collected by the company are solely intended for the purpose explicitly stated.
It is the policy of SMCL to respect and uphold data privacy rights, and to ensure that all personal data collected from data subjects are processed pursuant to the general principles of transparency, legitimate purpose and proportionality.
All employees of SMCL are enjoined to comply with and to share in the responsibility to secure and protect personal information collected and processed by SMCL in pursuit of legitimate purposes.

Privacy Principles
Transparency: Data subject should be informed of the purpose for which the information is being collected; consent must be obtained prior to data collection.
Proportionality: Personal Information collected must be reasonably necessary or directly related to employment.
Legitimate purpose: In collecting personal information, SMCL shall use the information only for legitimate purposes.

Privacy Policies
Data subjects are notified and their consent is secured. The company collects personal information of data subjects, including their full name, address, email address, contact number, among others. Where personal information is collected, consent is executed by the data subject through a consent form.
Access only to Authorized Personnel. Only authorized personnel are allowed to access and process the personal information collected from data subjects and only for its intended process.
Collected information is reasonably necessary and directly related to employment purposes. Authorized company personnel shall collect personal information which is reasonably necessary or directly related to SMCL’s primary or secondary functions or activities. Personal Information shall not be collected in anticipation that it may be useful in the future (“just in case” it is needed). Access is restricted, such that records may only be retrieved upon specific instructions of the Data Privacy Officer and only for legitimate purposes or upon the request of the seafarer for copies of their individual record pursuant to SMCL’s procedures and policies on request for records.
SMCL’s Consent and Data Privacy Notice.

Any further inquiries about SMCL’s Data Privacy policies and practices may be coursed to the Data Privacy Officer at

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