The Day of the Seafarer

On the occasion of "The Day of the Seafarer" June 25th, the Board of Directors of Sunrise Manpower Co., Ltd would like to extend our sincere congratulations and thanks to all the Captains, Chief Engineers, Officers and crew for the cooperation with our company.

Dear all fellow seafarers!

Promoting the good tradition of Vietnamese seafarers and crewmembers, in the past time, although the shipping industry in general has faced many difficulties and challenges... However, the officers and crew of company with a high sense of responsibility still maintain and improve the ship's operational efficiency and safety on all voyages. This is highly appreciated by ship owners such as UK, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, China... for the expertise and quality of the company's crew.

Since the beginning of 2023, the shipping market has also prospered and recovered. With such a positive and optimistic signal, the Board of Directors of the company hopes that the Captains, Chief Engineers, Officers and crew of the Sunrise family will continue to strive and join hands with the company to firmly steer the Sunrise vessel toward to the future getting bigger and bigger day by day.

Once again, on the " The Day of the Seafarer ", we would like to wish our Captains, Chief Engineers, Officers, Crew and your families good health, peace, happiness and success.

Sincerely thanks!

The General Director of Sunrise Manpower Co., Ltd. 

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