Proper Safety Settings on ECDIS (Navigation Safety)

The Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is a really important navigational equipment for keeping navigation safety, this is also often refer to as “anti-grounding” equipment. But this will not be as effective, if the significant settings are not set correctly. Shallow parts of the water and shoals may not show, which can likely lead to groundings and even major oil-spills. 

In view of the above, Safety Settings is essential for ECDIS display. These settings control how the ECDIS presents depth information to visualize areas of water that are safe for the vessel to navigate in from those which are not. Proper configuration and adjustments are needed prior vessel sailing. The following are the safety settings navigation officers should configure: 

  • Safety Contour Setting
  • Shallow Contour Setting
  • Deep Contour Setting
  • Safety Depth Setting 

By adjusting those settings correctly, the duty officers will be able to know and be alerted immediately what part of the water areas are safe based on her current condition. With this, we are reminding all Master and navigation officers to review and monitor the intended passage plan and safety settings. In addition, kindly consult the related Company SMS prior sailing. 

Please see below pictures of shoals not displaying/disappearing when the user is changing the scale, this clearly illustrates the importance of safety setting configuration.



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